Babble On: Tales Of Eric

Eric jumped stealthily down from his rock in Limbo, a huge grin slapped across his face, and a strange new fire in his glassy eyes. These human children had pleased him greatly. Not only could he remember the whole experience (ish) but they had been hailing his sister. Eris had a new generation of followers, and he'd managed to talk to 'em. Eric's brow knotted with extra-hard musing. They had said something really important. They had talked of something called THE BABYLON PROJECT. He remembered Eris speaking of this. She'd been really excited. It was no good, he thought, there was nothing else for it. With Eris gone, he, Eric the Unruly, most wholly-holy horned loOny-GOd (and the 1994 Acid-Bong Endurance Contest Champion) was going to have to take The Initiative. After he got out of Limbo that is... Oooo, tricky.

And for the first time in many years, Eric looked out unto the Void, his Grey prison of meaninglessness and misery, and saw that he had chosen to be there. Colour gradually replaced the dull grey, and meaningfulness returned. And so he left.

PS: The meaning of Eric is Ever King, in Viking. Translated into Japanese one way of saying it is "clever officer who is troubled". Which is about Eric's place in the Multiverse.