The Five Excellences

The activities of the Babylon Project are based around the Five Excellences of the Taoists, as taken up by the warrior-mystics of the Discordian Red-I Knights of the Secret Order of Odd.


"The Excellence of Apostle Zarathud the Incorrigible, Offender of the Faith"

· Methodology:
For health, fitness, protection, alertness and control of the Ooze (or Force). This is for both personal and disorganization development, protection and activity. We follow Sun Tzu in the opinion that a general who triumphs through violence is an idiot, and does not triumph at all, since the destruction he has wrought means his people, if not he, have already lost.

· Activities:
Non-violent direct action and peaceful protest
Personal self-defense
Practical theory for non-violent action
Group member security (eg. web privacy)

· Examples:
The unit of Wombles style, foam-armoured, mock-mediaeval knights and other heroes deployed at protest: The Discordian Red-I Knights, Eris 5th Regiment
Carnival protest in general
The creation of nonsense generators, and key-phrase blockers for e-mail communications.
Martial arts classes
Co-writing a commentary of Sun tzu's "The Art of War" called Sun Tzu's "The Art of Peace(ful protest)".
Workshops on peace-making


"The Excellence of Apostle Dr Van Mojo"

· Methodology:
To learn how to take care of those around you. This is a central principle of the BPU.

· Activities:
Community ground-work for growth
First aid and healing training for all
Attempt to provide free healing and care
Care and support for members, and anyone else who asks
Try to make people laugh and generally be happier, it makes them less easy to control

· Examples:
Mobile Green Zones: healers, therapists and spiritual guides, to heal bodies, trauma and maintain calm at protests
Benefit gigs for charities and people doing things we like
ACME Rent-a-Mob, hire for tea for your next local protest!
Making fun of evil and writing subversive and amusing literature


"The Excellence of Apostle Hung Mung"

· Methodology:
For peace and inner clarity, and for the shaping of new worlds. This is for the spiritual aspect of the BPU, be you Jedi or Christian, Taoist or Discordian, or even Atheist Maoist. This is very mysterious, and above your security clearance. Ask around.

· Activities:
Discussing all matters philosophical, theological or poetic you may wish to expand your knowledge about.
Psychological Joy-Virus production and mysticomagical distribution.
Conducting of bizarre arcane rituals.
Consciousness research and spiritual leisure-groups.

· Examples:
The Red-I Art of Invisibility.
The Turkey Curse and other foundations of modern magic.
Praying, meditating, or walking round Croydon (why only India?) with one arm in the air for forty-five years.

NOTE: In the BP, Discordianism is viewed both as a spiritual path by its own right, and as a tongue-in-cheek communication field for persons of different faiths but who possess tolerance and a sense of humour.


"The Excellence of Apostle Malaclypse the Elder"

· Methodology:
Making creative things, traditionally music or poetry, to entertain and bring together those around you. This is another central aspect of the BPU, since it is after all a multi-media multi-author work of art. Any form of artistic discipline or prank is permitted (protest is considered art). The BP is also theatrical, in that you get to play different characters of your invention.

· Activities:
Writing, music, painting, theatre, computer programming, flyers, posters, costumes, guerrilla mind theatre, street carnival, writing … DO AS YOU PLEASE.
Writings, such as "The Authorisation Code" (smartgroup files) are meant as resources which people can plunder at will.

· Examples:
What you are reading ... fool, and what you are imagining ... friend.


"The Excellence of Apostle Sri Syadasti"

· Methodology:
Presentation of what you have created, self-included, clear communication so as to pass on your knowledge.

· Activities:
Passing on Babylon Project art-work and edutainment.
Relationship to media.

· Example:
What you are reading and how it got to you.
A Red-I knight who had mastered these excellences would always have something to trade for a roof and a meal, and could pass through the world on her Quest without being interrupted in her flow, and without causing ripples.