Babble On: Tales Of Eric

Satyr Contemplating
Satyr Contemplating by Sarah J. Yamamoto-White

Being the worthy lay of our Lord Eric the Unruly, God of Chaos and Confusion (retired), by:

Verysmallhat III,

(Him of the glow-in-the-dark chin and unclemonk of the saintly order of Tigger the Imaginary Camel, Keeper of the Sacred Word, Gish and Divine Mouthpiece of Eric, the most wholly-holy horned loOny-GOd and the 1994 Acid Bong Endurance Contest Champion.)

Goatboy Jr. "The Flirtatious",

Fantabulous Fucking Faun, Wholly Horny Discordian Red-I Knight of the Order Of ODD, Mash-Captain of the Eris 5th Regiment, Insignificant Watcher in the Shadows, Self-aggrandiser, Gish-guzzler & Nymph-chaser Extraordinaire, Protector of Mice, and Gatekeeper of the Shrine of Laziness (temporary contract) AKA The Frenchman, wanted by Secret Societies in 23 states for crimes against Reality.