Reality tunnels & reality creation

We need a reality-map to live in weekdays. At night (& other well-known moments of altered consciousness), we're mostly ok. But in the daily grind we need an open and malleable mental map to guide us along the way. The one we have on offer here is a temporary creation, in which we co-star in, and co-direct a movie about liberation called 'The Babylon Project'. It's quite a funny map at the moment, but we plan to make it better with your input.

Then we'll do it again and so on. "None of today's constructions which are, of course, our only means of representing reality, [are] perfect and as the history of human thought suggests, none is final" (George Kelly). In fact, the only value we can grok, is usefulness. Use only what works. None of this is about defending a belief system or reality tunnel, it is about results. Most of the Project has come into existence because it fulfilled the following: "Well fuck it Verysmallhat, it's funny, and it makes a twisted kind of sense, reckon it works, who cares if its true?" also known as "Theoretical magic is all the mad ideas you come up with to explain what is happening to you. Applied magic is what makes them happen" (Grant Morrison, Pop Magic). Or in truth, G-M quotes old Aleister, who says it better than we can:

"In this book it is spoken of the sephiroth & the paths, of spirits & conjurations, of gods, spheres, & planes & many other things which may or may not exist.

It is immaterial whether they exist or not. By doing certain things, certain results follow; students are most earnestly warned against attributing objective reality or philosophical validity to any of them."

YEA!! We shall build bigger, funnier, sexier, more optimistic and generally less boring reality-tunnels on a weekly basis. And we shall seek the knowledge we disclose in the understanding of the inner and outer worlds we explore together. It's not really easy, and we're going to have to work at this, but we've got enough pieces of the puzzle between us by now to get started. The meta-programming circuit we seek is the key to conscious exploration of mind by mind. To the ability to take art, to the structure of our minds. Travel realities & the otherworlds at will. Turn into pompous hippies. Look, just open that trap door in the middle of your mind and climb up into it. Eris just put the kettle on (& other literary devices designed to conceal the author is making this up, and only suspects he might be on the right track).

The content of this page may be complete bullshit.